Sunday, March 24, 2013

Year of Projects

On Thursday I posted that I finished Stomper's Easter Vest. I think more vests for him are in my future and possibly a sweater. It was so fast and super cute!

Photo Courtesy of Grandma

I also finished the second sock of my hubby's green socks. Although it's not all green. I ran out of yarn. I have another sock for him on my list that I will start in a week or so.

Right now I am working on using up some yarn in preparation for baby showers. I don't have anyone in mind just yet, but its' nice to have a few things set away. The hat on Charlie is Tweedy Owl.  Stomper wanted to wear it, but it's newborn size, so I am starting a larger one for him tonight.The booties I have made before. They are quick, but it uses European (I'm assuming) terms so it's a little tricky. 

Not certain what I will work on next off my list. I am leaning towards knitting my Christmas Stocking, but there is this yarn that keeps calling to me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~My List~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Due Valentines:
A Kitty for a friend maybe Susan's or maybe Linda's not sure yet. ~~It's in time out

Due Easter:
Pembroke Vest for Stomper
Little Lamb from Spud and Chloe at the Farm for my Sunday School Class kids (Stomper plus one other)  frogged

Promised Projects:
hood for Mom
hood for Little Sister, but with a symbol on the back
Christmas Stocking for myself maybe from an actual sock pattern

For Stomper:


  1. I think your list looks much more manageable than mine...

  2. I like to make lists that I can accomplish. I learned that during my son's first year. Otherwise I get too discouraged and then I have a tendency to do nothing.

  3. That vest is just so darn cute !! I definitely think you should do more of them, so cute. Well done on the other finishes and wow your list is looking great !

  4. ooh that vest is gorgeous, really nice. And I love the odd socks - really great. Have a creative Monday xx

  5. Great job on your the hat..and of course he wants one to wear..I want one to wear..

  6. The vest is awesome and your cute little model is adorable. But, that snow.......everytime I think we're done, we get more. Come on Spring.

    1. I know!! Not like last year at all, but last year the fruit trees and sap trees didn't do so good, so I'll take the snow. Although, I am looking forward to some green.

  7. I always love your family pics..especially the ones you've used in your banner....We've been getting lots of snow..but thankfully it melts as quickly as it falls this time of year!

    1. thank you! I need to get a recent one of the three of us.. and of the six of us that live here.. the snow sticks and stays right now although some is melting which is very exciting!!

  8. Loving the mismatched socks, they look great! And the owlie hat is so cute!


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