Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Agape Angoras :: Sponsor

I have the pleasure of introducing you to my first sponsor, Agape Angoras. Jessica raises beautiful angoras to collect their wool to spin some wonderfully squishy yarn. Have you ever handled Angora wool? It is like touching a cloud. A luxuriously soft cloud.

Please take a moment and stop by her Etsy shop.

In her shop you will find yarn she has spun (Skeins of 100% Angora, 50/50 Skeins of Angora/Wool, and others) in addition to a few hand-knit items. She gave a mutual friend of ours a pair of baby booties for their newborn and they were functional, warm, and super cute!

In the next few weeks I will be winding one of her skeins (pictured above) into a ball and knitting something fantastic. Not sure what yet but I have a few ideas which I will share with you next week. Maybe you have a few suggestions? I only have about 50 yards so that limits what I can make, I would love your suggestions.

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