Saturday, March 9, 2013


Edited March 11, 2013
The snow around Rusty is too deep, so his farewell is being postponed for a week or two when the gates have been freed of snow. We met the family and they are wonderful! We are so excited for Rusty's new life!

Edited March 15, 2013
Rusty's last day with us was March 14, 2013. He is already missed.
July 2009 (the month she got him)
Dec 2009

Summer 2012

Every girl wants a horse. When my parents purchased this old farm house in 2004 my sister immediately asked: "Can I get a horse?" My parents surprising answer: "Yes, but you buy it, purchase materials for its barn, buy all its food and medicines, and do all the work." For five years she saved, she worked, and in July 2009 she realized her dream. His name was Rusty, and he was her baby.

Time passes and the little girl grew to a young adult preparing for her future. A future where keeping and paying for a horse would not be a possibility. So a search began for a good home for her special horse.

On Sunday a friend (lets call him George) of a family friend stopped by to take a look at him. George was looking for a family horse for a friend. A horse that wouldn't mind children or other dogs, a horse with patience. Rusty is that horse.

Today Rusty heads off on a new adventure. There will be a new horse friend for him (a 'teenage' horse about 3yrs old), new kids to feed him, and new animals to meet. He will be well cared for and loved. And he here at the Hamberg Family Farm his presence will be missed.

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