Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have finished Teacup and sent her out to her forever home. Phew! I am a day late on my self set deadline, but I couldn't have sent it out yesterday (Sunday) anyway so I guess I'm right on time!

It has been a labor of love. Teacup was knit on some very small needles and the yarn I used kept splitting on me. I am not 100% pleased with the way the hair turned out, I think if I use the same yarn for hair again I will use larger needles and if I make a doll this small again I will use smaller yarn for the hair. Every project I knit I learn something new, and I am thankful for the experience of knitting this little gem. I wasn't happy with the second set of clothes I made her. The position of the butterfly was not right and they were far too big. I reknit the clothes and added more shaping to it and I really like the way it turned out.

I am making leaps and bounds of progress on the four bears. I finished up the clothes for the boy bear and now I just need to attach four ears, four noses, and four faces. Easy Peasy! I should be done in time for Sunday deadline. I hope to attach ears and at least one nose and post some pictures of the bears tomorrow or Wednesday.

Pattern for Doll can be found here.

A dress pattern can be found here . For the pink one I made it's a raglan sleeve start like the sweater I knit for a baby recently and once I had enough for the sleeves I started a lace pattern I found in a book.
There is no link for the modifications I did to the one piece suit, but if you contact me I can tell you what I did.

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