Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is Here!

Today we got Stomper outside for a little while. Mumma dug around in the dirt and the leaves to find some little shoots sprouting! This spring and summer we hope to do a lot of gardening together. I have a few small things I want to do around the house. Mostly weed killing this year so that next year I can plant flowers. 

This spring I hope to move around a few bulbs (hopefully I won't kill them) since they are sort of growing under the front of the house right now. As soon as the garden dries Jason is going to do some tilling to get ready for another tomato forrest    a new potato patch.

Stomper played in his Jumparoo while Mumma and Papa worked. Then Papa took us out out supper at Country Delight for some Boondock Burgers. Yum! I don't think Stompers's taste-buds work. Today he had a pickle and some ketchup and didn't make a face. 

Stomper's View

Little Growing Things

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