Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter morning Stomper and I (Delia) got up as early as we could managed and tried really hard to make it for SonRose (8pm) service at church. We didn't make it. We did make it to breakfast and we ate with Grammie Kay, Grandpa Tom, Auntie, Uncle Zack, and cousin Isabella. Then we went upstairs to watch the new Easter VeggieTale and Stomper fell asleep. Grandma sang in the Easter Cantata and that was a real treat for us since she hasn't done that since I was a kid. 

Once home we started some prep work for Easter Dinner and waited for everyone to come over so that we could get the rest of dinner ready. After our work was done we played some Head and Foot with Teams. Grandma and I won (Auntie and Uncle Zack lost).

Easter Night we had the Hamlins and the Blidbergs over for dinner. Jason and his Mom (Mimi) had to work until 6, so we decided to eat late and eat with everyone! We had 13 people at the table and Stomper in his high chair. There were a lot of laughs, I'm not even sure what we were laughing about!
There was a huge scramble at dessert time, "Me, me, give me some, I want some of that, don't forget me!"

Stomper went to bed right after opening his basket from Mimi, he had all he could take of the busy day. In addition to the basket from Mimi he got a new shirt, vest, and shoes to grow into from Grandma and a new Easter outfit from us.

The Table is Set for Easter Dinner.
(See Friday's post for all of us at the table)
Opening his basket from Mimi. The basket is the one that Papa
used to use when he was little!
Watcha doing with my new binks Mimi?

So many binks, so few mouths

Blueberry cake, single serving apple pie, one scoop of ice cream,
banana muffin extraordinaire, and one slice of pistachio pie

Handsome Baby Boy

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