Friday, April 22, 2011

The Week that Was

It has been a busy week here in Maine. Sunday I gave away the Easter Bears and decided that it was high time I got started on something for me. For Christmas Pappa Bear bought me a gift certificate to our LYS and I bought some delicious yarn, that I've been waiting to use. Sunday night I hopped on to Raverly to look through my favorites and see if there was anything for me to knit for me!

rib pattern is coming along
Monday Stomper and I went to our Music Together Class in Farmington and then had coffee with a friend at Java Joe's. We saw Grandma and swapped vehicles (we had the truck) so that my Dad could get some "truck things" done around the house. While all that was going on I was knitting the beginnings of a shrug (for myself! -insert gasps of shock-) and quickly becoming dissatisfied with the pattern. I didn't see how it was going to fit me since it was a medium size and I am not. I decided to stop and went back on to Raverly to try again. I found this Yoked Cardigan (scroll down to find it) and it came in my size (1X) and so I bought it.

Tuesday Stomper and I went to visit a friend and some "cousins" since they were all home from school for spring break and they hardly ever get to see him. There was a wonderful little fashion show (did I mention they are all girls -4 of them- ranging from 8 to 4?) when we got there, then some coffee, and a nap for Stomper so I took the time to print off the pattern (Raverly's instant pattern thing is awesome!) and give it a little read over before I cast on. In the afternoon I knit a little with the new pattern while the "cousins" had a nap and Stomper had another nap. My friend took our her hook and yarn and tried to figure out what to do about a baby blanket issue she's been having. We chatted about kids and husbands and spring. It is so nice to go over to a friends house and have yarn fun! That night due to the amazing amount of coffee I drank at my friends house I was up late. I did not waste my time as I watched Pregnant in America. I knit the first 2.5" right up to the increases.
napping boys

Wednesday the boys and I had some much needed cuddle time in bed and a then nap right after we woke up. Then to Mimi's house for some lunch, some knitting, some napping, some card games, and some love.

Yesterday we had a ladies lunch (with the kids) at church and while we were gone Papa Bear mopped a bit. Then we moved the furniture around to get ready for Easter Dinner at our house on Sunday. I managed to find a little knitting time, but not much.

Sunday I will sadly and reluctantly put my sweater to the side and pick up a new project. My sister has been waiting patiently for me to start her gauntlets and I told her that I'd take next week to work on them. May 1st I need to knit a companion bear for Teacup. The customer received Teacup in the mail and immediately ordered a bear! 

Here is a Facebook link to the Prop Package. (which you can view with out having a Facebook login). I am waiting on some larger needles so that I can finish. I only have one thing left to knit.

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